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when considering the chemical or physical nature of various  plasmas, it can be deduced that plasma can be used to etch, clean or modify a surface. The functionality is a result of gas or gases used, the process pressure (vacuum), form of energy (RF, DC, microwave, low frequency, etc.), energy power level and chamber / electrode configuration.

Etching is usually facilitated by creating a chemically active gas species that will attack the substrate material. Patterns or formations can be accomplished by "masking" areas of the substrate where no etch is desired.

Cleaning is accomplished when we create a gas species that will remove an undesired top layer from a substrate without altering the substrate material either chemically or physcially.

Deposition, grafting and surfact alteration can be accomplished by creating a gas species that will chemically bond to an existing surface due to its molecular structure.



Download SCE 1414 PDF

Aluminum chamber reactor system with RF generation of 300-watts at 13.56 MHz.
Automatic Tuning RF Network, SIngle gas MFC and Siemens Industrial S7-200 PLC "Touch-Panel" control sytem. 

Optional: 600-watts and 1000-watts
MCF gas channel - 3 maximum