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SCE Series Planar Etch

Planar Etch is etching between two parallel electrodes, as opposed to an Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP), induced by a coil. Anatech’s SCE series of aluminum plasma reactors are the latest additions to its product offerings.

Whether you are doing R&D or full scale production runs, there is an SCE-AL system designed for your application. No company in plasma can beat our design, quality or experience in delivering flexible, affordable systems.

Contact one of our process specialists at the systems division to help you qualify our equipment for your application. Anatech offers laboratory services to help qualify its technologies for your applications. We extend these valuable services before and after ownership of our quality equipment.

Each of the SCE-AL system can be run in four planar plasma modes …..

  • Direct…substrates can be placed on power or ground shelves for maximum planar effect.
  • Directional…substrates requiring anisotropic etching can be placed on a special powered planar shelf.
  • Down Stream …substrates can be placed on a neutral shelf for a gentle plasma effect.
  • Custom…when parallel plate configurations are not optimal, special electrode configurations can be supplied.

Download SCE-1414 PDF:

Aluminum Box Systems:
SCE-AL system sizes (inches): 14x14, 18x18, 24x24 and 30x30

Aluminum box systems may be configured for directional and down stream plasma modes.

Download SCE-3030 PDF:

Quartz barrel systems may be configured for Planar Directional anisotropic and Inductively Coupled (ICP) isotropic plasma generation.

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Download SCE-110 PDF:

SCE-110 shown with Planar anisotropic electrode configuration.
ICP quartz systems can be designed and manufactured for directional plasma

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Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) quartz chambers in sizes (inches): 4x8, 6x8, 8x8, 10x18, 15x18 and Model SCE-604 has Four (4), 4"x8" chambers isolated in a single cabinet.

Model SCE-115 - 15"x18"
(shown in photo below) with 150-mm quartz wafer boat and shelf.
OPTIONAL: Planar electrode

Download SCE-115 PDF: