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Planar Magnetron Sputtering


Typical Applications for Sputtering: Renewable Energy, Materials Research, Microelectronics, CV Dot Matrix, Medical Devices, SEM sample preparation,

The term "Sputtering" refers to the process of dislodging atoms from a target material (high purity metal or dielectric) to deposit a thin film onto a material of interest (substrate).

A gas plasma may form whenever gas is exposed to an electric field. If the field is sufficiently strong, a high percentage of gas atoms will surrender an electron or two and become ionized. The resultant ionized gas and liberated energetic electrons comprise the gas plasma or plasma.

The ionized gas atoms have relatively little kinetic energy unless they are accelerated through an electric field. When accelerated, they will bombard a surface with sufficient force to dislodge an atom from a (high purity) target material.

Plasma effects the sputtering process by momentum transfer of material, dislodging atoms from a target material to coat a thin film onto a material of interest (substrate).

Practically any material that can be made into a solid target, can be sputtered, including metals and dielectrics.

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Anatech USA Box Coater Systems have a "D" shaped chamber to promote better pumping and easier clean-up. "BC" Series systems can be equiped with single of multiple sources in round or rectangular styles. Full interior shielding is provided with each system to protect electropolished chamber walls.